Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Partner

by SandandLeaves

If you’ve watched a lot of wedding highlights videos, you’d notice that one thing videographers always include is the couple’s heartwarming exchange of gifts before the ceremony. It’s either the sister or the bridesmaid or the groomsman bringing the gift with a handwritten card that the groom and bride read aloud to their friends inside their separate rooms. Of course, there are a few tears, if not smiles, here and there from opening the most thoughtful gifts they chose for each other. Now, if you don’t have any clue what to get your partner yet, this article is for you! Below are some wedding gift ideas.

For the Missus:

1. Jewelry

A necklace or a ring is one of the simplest yet still most meaningful gifts you can get your partner. Others get necklaces with pendants that symbolize something important in their relationship. While some get necklaces they want their partners to wear on the wedding day itself. Some brides also immediately wear the rings they get—of course not on the ring finger! Other jewelry like earrings are also a common yet gorgeous choice (with the help of a few your bride’s friends).

2. Personalized Items

It would be cute to give your wife something that adorably screams taken! Some do this by ordering customized robes or mugs with the word “wifey.” While some choose the more traditional way of writing and making a handmade card with their most honest emotions of love. Other choices include embroidered night pajamas and even pillows.

For the Mister:

1. Watch

When giving a watch, most brides choose to engrave something at the back of it. This may be the initials of her and her partner’s names or the date of the wedding itself. Although others also choose to engrave a whole message, this comes at a higher cost. Definitely, a watch is one of the most “timeless” gifts you can give your man.

2. Cufflinks

Personalized cufflinks are also a popular choice for wedding gifts. This is because like the jewelry for the missus, the groom can wear the cufflinks on the day of the wedding to officially complete his outfit. He may also choose to use them again on special dates you will have in the future like your wedding anniversary or any other celebration! Moreover, just like the watch, cufflinks can be personalized to suit your idea for a wedding gift like a cufflink in the form of the first letter of your name or perhaps a plain silver cufflink with a few romantic words.

1. Camera

Unlike any other gadget, a camera like an Instax, a DSLR, or a film one (depending on what fits your budget and what you think your partner would appreciate more) is a really cool gift. You could even include a message with the camera saying that it’s for the thousands of memories you’ll share together, starting with the wedding day. (Awwwe!) It may be on the more expensive end of gifts but it’s something you’re sure you and your partner can use as you start your own family.

2. Scrapbook

This one is a bit more creative and personal because it’s so much more than just a card. It’s something you’ll work hard on – from collecting pictures when you were still dating and composing messages you want to go with those pictures. There are many styles you can go about making the scrapbook and one example is the cliché yet sweet “Ten Things I Love About You.” Certainly, this is a very heartwarming gift and years after your wedding, both of you can share a few laughs and tears browsing through it.

3. Suitcase

If you’re that adventurous couple and you’ve always talked about travelling after you got married, you could get your partner a suitcase. Of course, this means that you are officially taking him/her up on that dream and that you want to keep that spontaneous and fun spirit in your marriage. You could even add in a cool pair of sunglasses and a world map to make it the cutest package! But, even if you don’t have any plans of travelling yet, your partner might a new suitcase and, embarking on this new journey in your lives, this might just be one of the perfect moments to give him/her one!

4. Embroidered Apron

This is one of those “I got you one and I have one too!” gifts. Giving an apron to your significant other is somehow symbolic of how you picture your life together. It’s saying that you’ll have Sundays at the kitchen cooking for your kids or Saturdays at the grill with your neighbors over. It’s a gift that says no matter what you do, you will do it together and that you’re happy to finally be able to do that after you get married. What you get embroidered on those aprons is up to you but common choices include “Mr. and Mrs.” and “His and Hers.” You could be more creative and embroider your endearment to each other or even be more personal by embroidering your childhood nicknames.

Needless to say, there really are a lot of gifts out there ranging from perfume to headphones to wine. It’s a matter of choosing what you think your partner will appreciate the most and what is most meaningful for you to give. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be genuine and, hopefully, something you’ve put a lot of thought into. If you’re still feeling a bit lost about what you get your partner, start thinking back to the times you had together or even to the conversations you’ve had about your partner wanting to get something. That might help! Best of luck gift hunting!

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