So he popped THE question…what now?

by Isabela Abuan

No need to panic! Here’s some tips and hacks, so wear that BRIDE-CHILLA hat ON!

So you’re tying the knot soon! All those happy tears, friends and family saying their congratulations are done and you’ve finally climbed down from Cloud Nine. Now where do you even start planning the big day? 

What should you do 8 months before, 5 months, 3 months, and 2 weeks before the big day? No worries, let me help you do a rundown of what needs to be done, Ms. Bride-to-be!

  1. Create a vision board together. 

Before going into the little details of the preparation, it is important for the bride and groom to agree on a vision board. What do you want the wedding to look like? From what inspiration will it be derived? Do you want a small wedding or a big one?

It will also be very helpful to think of a Plan B due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Restrictions change from one country to another and it would always be wise to conceptualize a Plan B so you don’t just get stuck when the unexpected happens. 

So compile those Pinterest-worthy photos and forma picture of your dream wedding!

  1. Talk about and set your budget. 

Planning a wedding isn’t as simple as saying “I do” and exchanging rings. Most of the time, it entails huge expenses. And determining the wedding cost is no easy feat! 

At times, this could be tricky, because you actually have to COUNT YOUR MONEY and decide the wedding budget from there. You may also talk 

about who will spend the wedding details. Who will spend on your wedding dress? Who will buy the rings? 

It is so important for the bride and groom to determine the costs so you can plan the budget. While at it, it’s very important to stick to your budget during the planning. I know you might go crazy over some vendors, but you’ll never go wrong with sticking to your agreed costs, especially if you’re planning a low budget wedding. 

  1. Create a checklist. 

Open that excel spreadsheet, it’s time to list down the little things you’ll be needing from the planning down to the ceremony and reception. Some brides look for printable wedding checklists on the internet. While it may seem helpful for others, some brides cannot find any ready-made PDF checklists tailor fit to their needs so they end up doing their own. 

It may seem tedious, but, hey! Nothing’s wrong with that! Making your own checklist just makes it more YOU, adding a personal touch to it. 

Fair warning: wedding planning would (at times) overwhelm you and may take the “engagement high” away from you. That’s the reason why you have to list down stuff you need to do during the wedding planning stage. 

  1. Prepare your wedding calendar. 

A wedding calendar is like a wedding countdown. This would depend on how long you want the wedding planning to take. Most couples prefer a 12-month preparation. But for some, it would entail a 6-month or even a 3-month (or shorter!) preparation. 

Accomplish a “by month” timeline together. What needs to be done 3 months before? Two weeks before? Before you know it, there’s only 30 days left before the wedding.

When you accomplish a good time frame, you’ll be a bride-chilla by the last week before tying the knot!

  1. Agree on your guest list and seating plan. 

How many guests will you invite? Who will be invited? It is so important to prepare the list ahead of time so you have ample time in sending out the invites and updating your RSVP list. 

Guests’ seating plan will also need to be determined. Who sits with who? 

If you are too busy, you may ask your wedding coordinator to take charge of your RSVP for you. No matter how tiring it may be, a guest list and seating plan are a must to be done during the wedding preps. 

  1. Book your vendors 

Alright, this is one of the most exciting parts! Looking for vendors is sure to be exciting. But when deciding on who will be in charge of the photography and videography on your big day, or who will make your souvenirs and invites, make sure you have inquired on the prices, quality of work, customer reviews and that the terms and conditions align with your preferences.  

  1. Wedding ceremony 

Will you be hosting a backyard wedding or would you prefer it to take place in a fancy wedding hall? This will be one of the major stuff you need to decide on. A wedding venue will speak so much on the peg of your big day so make sure you choose nicely!

  1. Wedding reception

So you’re finally hitched! Time for some wine and cocktails and a whole night of celebration! Make sure you’ve got it all sorted from the food, seat plan, gift tables, party flow and all that stuff!

  1. Honeymoon! 

Now this is the part you’ve been waiting for! After the tiring wedding preps, now it’s time to wind down for some cozy (and hot!) moments with the (ehem!) husband. 

Plan that destination trip you’ve been craving for since you started with all the preps. And hey! You deserve those lazy mornings after. (wink!)

Oops, sorry sorry! I’ve been babbling about wedding preps for so long. This is one of my favorite things to chat about so sorry about that long post. 

Now you might be overwhelmed with everything I just said and that’s PERFECTLY NORMAL! Who would not want a perfect wedding? That’s absolutely every girl’s dream!

But how to do it really? 

Well, worry no more, I got you covered! Here’s the ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNER, every bride’s survival kit. So no need to download every printable checklist you come across with and discover that they don’t actually suit you. Plan your wedding seamlessly with this ALL-IN-ONE WEDDING PLANNER.

Get yours now and keep all the planning (and chaos) in one place!

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