Complete Handy Wedding Planner


Complete Handy Wedding Planner


Sand and Leaves wedding planner book covers everything engaged couples need from planning the engagement party up until the honeymoon! Perfect for couples planning their wedding and engagement gifts.

  • Waterproof, hardcover with gold foil main titles.
  • 2 Pockets to store and keep all lose cards, samples, swatches, clippings, contracts, etc together.
  • Laminated tabs for each of the 10 sections to easily find and go whatever you need
  • Elastic band to hold and keep your planner securely intact and not worry about any lose sheets from falling
  • Tips and advice to help you decide and organize the nitty-gritty part of the wedding plans.

10 sections composed of:

  • Vision Boards (Inspiration Boards)
  • Budget Planner and Order Tracker
  • Wedding Checklists and Timelines
  • 12-month Undated Calendar
  • Guest List Tracker and Seating Charts and Plan
  • Wedding Vendors
  • Wedding Ceremony Details (includes vows page, music lists, everything!)
  • Wedding Reception Details (includes schedule, speeches, music list, everything!)
  • Pre-wedding Parties Planner
  • Honeymoon (includes budget planner, itineraries, everything!)


We understand that no weddings are alike and can be very personal too. This wedding planner notebook allots blanks and spaces for “Other” options and preferences couples may have.

  • COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE from pre-wedding parties (engagement, bachelorette’s, bachelor’s, etc) planning until the honeymoon! Everything you need in one handy notebook size (A5) wedding planner. See the product description below or one of the photos for the detail list of sections. BONUS features found in the Product Description.
  • WEDDING PLANNING TIPS to guide you in every step of your journey. Applicable to any kind of wedding from luxurious to budget savvy.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN to keep you focused on important details and to maximize the space of every page. Workspaces are provided for more personalized use.
  • STORAGE POCKETS to keep vendor’s business cards, fabric swatches, contracts, etc. Works like wedding planner binders but less bulky and more stylish. *wink*
  • GIFT BOX for safekeeping after use. And beautifully designed for couple’s friends purchasing this as ENGAGEMENT GIFT!

A perfect wedding planner book to keep you organized and on-track for the wedding day. And if you are looking at this as engagement gifts, your bride-to-be and groom-to-be are up for a treat!

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Dimensions 20.32 × 15.24 × 1.524 cm


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