How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

This is the all too familiar part we’ve seen in every chick flick with a wedding. It’s the girl choosing her wedding dress, trying on all sorts of frilly, poufy, tight, loose dresses, and finally, finding that perfect dress that leaves all of her friends in awe. Hours after poring through dozens of magazines and hundreds of Pinterest posts, you then find yourself asking, how does that girl on the chick flick find the perfect dress after just one minute of a happy upbeat song? True enough, finding a wedding dress in real life might not be too easy but knowing what to look for according to your body type might just make things easier. Below are some tips you can follow in choosing the perfect wedding silhouette (aka the foundation or overall shape of your dress) for your body type:

1. Petite

If you have a petite frame, you should avoid dresses that swallow your small body. In other words, you would want to choose dresses that do not have too much going on like frilly ball gowns because these will overwhelm your petite frame. Instead, you can go for more simple dresses that are fitted and are tailored to create an added illusion of height. Common dresses that belong in this category are the sheath/column style, mermaid/trumpet style, simple A-line, short style, and empire waist design.

2. The Apple-Shaped

If you have a full waist paired with thin legs and thin arms, one suggestion is actually to pick dresses that will get the attention away from the widest part of your waist. Examples of such include dresses with deep V necks that are embellished with beadings and jewels like this dress from Paloma Blanca. The bodice of these dresses is also made to cinch at the higher part of your waist and from this high waistline, the dress cascades down to the floor, creating an elongated figure.

3. The Plus-Size

There are a lot of common silhouettes for plus-size brides like A-line (which are dubbed to look great on all types of bodies) or styles that are made to hug the body right on all the perfect spots like a drop waist dress. But whether you want a dress to make you look smaller or you want a dress to accentuate your curves is all up to you! Your decision will dictate if you should go for the corset wedding gowns that give you the appearance of a smaller waist and bigger bust or if you should go for the sheath style gowns that make you appear taller and leaner. Just take a look at this gorgeous Stella York wedding gown.

4. The Pear-Shaped

Pear-shaped bodies are those that are said to be triangular because both the shoulders and the waist are thinner than the hips, buttocks, and thighs. So if you have this body type, it is recommended for you to choose dresses which have slim-fit waistlines, deep V necklines, A-line styles, off-the-shoulder or strapless designs, and hugging bodices with gorgeous crystal beadings. What you should avoid, however, are dresses that hug below the waist like mermaid style dresses which can make your hips look bigger.

5. The Hourglass

If your shoulders and hips have roughly the same width but your waist is smaller, you probably have an hourglass figure. So if you have this body type, it is recommended for you to show off your curves with fit-and-flare styles and even mermaid styles as well. You can also pair these styles up with a low back or a low drop waist or choose styles that expose your neckline like halter tops and sweetheart designs. To accentuate your figure, you basically have to look for dresses which will complement your smaller waist and avoid dresses that are straight cut or too loose which can make your hips look disproportionate.

6. The Lean, Straight, & Athletic

These brides are the “tall” and lean ones which are perfect for ball gowns. If you belong to this category, trust us when we say that no one can pull off the floor-length gowns better than you! So, you really have a lot of options to choose from but perhaps one thing you should also remember is that you are not boxed in to just a simple cut floor-length gown. You can also choose dresses that create the illusion of curves. Dresses for this body type can then include gowns with contouring styles to “sculpt out” a curve, gowns with voluminous designs to stand in for curvy hips, and gowns with slits to show off your long legs. This gown from Enzoani would be a great example.

7. The Busty

Definitely, if you are a busty bride, the most important thing you can look at in choosing a dress is the neckline. If you want to conceal, you can opt for a square neckline which will still look gorgeous on you without revealing anything you don’t want to. Strapless gowns are then also tricky for bustier gals like you but if you choose a straight-across cut, you may be able to avoid revealing much. Popular designs that are used to balance out busty frames are sweetheart necklines with a billowing full skirt, V necklines with just the right dip, off-the-shoulder styles with a structured upper design, and chiffon dresses with lace illusions and “skin baring” details done with sheer materials like this one from Morilee.

Certainly, these are just some body types which you can use to create your own judgments about how you would want your dress to look like and how you should choose the details which will best accentuate your body. Two last tips we can give you in choosing the right dress for your body type include looking at your height. If you’re petite, you don’t want that a dress that makes your legs look shorter. Or if you’re tall, you’d want a dress with the right height that works well with your proportions. Lastly, don’t forget to balance out what you choose to emphasize in your dress with corresponding details in your skirt, neckline, or bodice.

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