Are you Ms. Artsy Bride?

by Isabela Abuan

Whether you are on a tight budget or you just wanna add a personal touch to your wedding, nothing beats the fun of a DIY celebration!

Whether you’re a Bridechilla or a Bridezilla, one thing’s for sure. You want a personal touch when it comes to your wedding. And what a great way to do it than to have some wedding stuff personalized? 

Sure, you can go on and on how you would like to have some decorations and centerpieces DIY-ed. But where do you actually start? 

Here are 8 nice projects for DIY Brides:

  1. Wedding invitations 

Who doesn’t like shopping for stationery? Imagine personally choosing colors and textures over specialty paper and envelope liners! If you’re on a budget or you’re someone who just loves being in charge, you may want to design your own invites. We even saw some brides who did EVERYTHING handmade, from the paper cutting, to the folding of envelopes, sticking liners, and even doing the calligraphy! Well, it could be tedious, yes, but you can’t be more proud of yourself once you’re good and done with it!

  1. Favors! 

Be it custom hand sanitizer, a bag of coffee beans or some soy candles, nothing beats the thrill of personalizing your own wedding favors! Just click on some video tutorials and you’re good to go! Customize them with your wedding color palette and tuck them inside a nice bag or box and seal it with your love! 

  1. Monogram and Stamps 

Gone are the days that you have to hire a professional graphic designer to do your wedding monogram. Well, if you still want to, it’s absolutely fine and there’s nothing wrong with that. No need to feel bad! But just in case you would like to DIY your monogram, all you have to do is look for free monogram generators online or do the layout yourself through some online graphic design platform. Then send it to the stamp maker so you can have those wax sealing stamps with your initials on it. Talk about wedding branding, girl! 

  1. Cake topper

You may opt to have flowers on your wedding cake for your rustic themed wedding or just plain robed cake if you’re the classic bride. But THE cake is one of the main “attractions” of your wedding and will be part of the wedding traditions (if you’re up for it). A way to personalize your cake is to put a topper. You may design your own and have them made in a shop, or you may go all the way! Grab those scissors, glitters and acrylic and create the best topper for your dream wedding cake. 

  1. Centerpiece

Your table centerpieces set the theme of your wedding. This is a good avenue to showcase your artsy side. They should not be too large to avoid difficulty of movement around the table, both in serving the dishes and in chatting with your longtime friends (which is one of the best parts of a wedding). You may consider doing driftwood pieces, potted plants, taper candles or vibrant flowers lined up through the table. 

  1. Menu and place cards 

What better way to depict your “tying the knot theme” than matching your menu and place cards with your wedding color palette and motif! Although everyone will sure be excited about food in the reception, a little bit of DIY in the card section wouldn’t go amiss!

  1. Ring holder

Let’s not forget the MAIN wedding symbol! The rings that symbolize everlasting love. Wew! Well, we cannot just do away without having to DIY your ring holder. Some prefer the velvet box, others fancy a wooden ring box, especially for rustic and bohemian weddings. To add a personal touch, you may have them engraved with your wedding monogram!

  1. Comfort and Beverage Station

Are you getting hitched outdoors? Make your guests happy with a comfort and beverage area during reception, showcasing a cozy bench with decors in sync with your wedding theme. You may opt to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You may make specialty cocktails and juices which may be self-served during the reception. 

Now, are you on for some challenge and HUGE EXCITEMENT? Get that wedding checklist and write down your DIY projects! 

But I know it might be a bit overwhelming, that’s why I got you covered! Here’s your ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNER so you can DIY the planning of your big day, with DIY projects and all! 

Seamlessly execute your DIY wedding vision and have the most personalized and budget friendly wedding. Do the math!

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