Say goodbye to bridezilla/groomzilla for good!


Oh hey there and welcome to Sand & Leaves – the place where you can find gender-neutral wedding planning tools such as wedding planners/journals and e-guides that will save you from stress, confusion and overwhelm in wedding planning.


Sand & Leaves exists because I, Cathy, understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want your wedding planning journey to be fun, stress-free, and organized – and you want that without the overwhelm, stress, and confusion that usually transforms couples into bridezilla/groomzilla. 😉


And more than that? You want this experience – getting from start to BIG DAY – to happen smoothly and within your wedding budget.


Founded in 2019 by me, Sand & Leaves started as a dream to help couples on a budget plan their dream wedding with ease and now selling more than 3,000 (incredible) copies a year. But while Sand & Leaves is new(ish) on the block, my experience, passion and purpose isn’t…

My passion for helping couples plan their own weddings started when I was planning my own. Planning a wedding on a limited budget can be disheartening especially for brides/grooms who have been dreaming of a big and grand one. I get it! It can be distressing for the couples – budget is one issue, then there is overwhelming pressure of planning the whole event which is a whole nother story.


The humbling experience has inspired me to write and design wedding planners and e-guides to help couples manage and get organized with all the tasks that come with their planning from conception of ideas, maintaining their budget, managing their guests, timelines and schedule up until the honeymoon. Tools that any kind of couple could use, customise and relate to without spending as much for a professional wedding planner.


The products you will find here at Sand&Leaves are all driven by affordability, quality, and authenticity to help you every step of your wedding journey. 


It is how I help you really avoid the confusion, stress and overwhelm in wedding planning and become a happy, confident and organised bride-to-be/groom-to-be that you’ve been dreaming of.


I truly believe that every couple, regardless of gender, where they come from, their culture, religion, and beliefs deserve a budget-friendly and stress-free wedding planning journey.


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