8 Timeless Wedding Themes You Can Always Say Yes To

by SandandLeaves

Most of us girls plan our magical dream wedding as soon as we see the Disney princesses’ movies with fairy tale endings. However, when we grow up and finally meet our prince, we realize that planning a wedding is not just rainbows and butterflies. Planning a wedding means deciding what you want down to the last detail. But, of course, before you can decide what flowers or place mats you want, you have to start with the theme/motif. Here are some timeless wedding ideas you might want to look at for inspiration!

1. Rustic

A rustic wedding easily takes a spot in the list of wedding themes that can never go wrong. In fact, it has become one of the most popular choices for modern day wedding themes. Couples go as far as renting out old farms or barns just to achieve that cozy yet stunning ambience on their special day. Mason jars, elevated lanterns, string lights, delicate greenery, and the wood, all create this homey feel that may be perfect for you if you’re into that DIY, Pinterest-board-inspired wedding.

2. Romantic

A romantic wedding is often one that displays plenty of flowers and, as some say, basks in some kind of ‘natural golden lighting.’ So to speak, this is the magical wedding with the delicate and ethereal fairy tale feel. Its soft hues and pastels will give you and your attendees that kind of calm that can only come from the celebration of true and beautiful love. If you imagine your wedding with elegant details like the flowing fabrics of your bridesmaids’ dresses, the heartwarming song of your first dance, and the perfect slice from your perfect cake, this wedding might be for you!

3. Vintage

Vintage weddings, as the name suggests, center on antiques with the idea of drawing inspiration from past eras. So, vintage furniture and the use of lace undeniably become the defining features of this wedding theme. Your dress can then be inspired from old trends like the bolero yet still look fresh with a modern twist. The chairs can also look “worn in” and can be covered with floral fabric to recreate setups in the past. Most importantly, the classic getaway car in this theme makes your “something old” something cool. So if you and your partner don’t want to drive away in anything else but a Porsche or a Volkswagen, you should definitely consider vintage weddings!

4. Garden

A wedding in the garden is naturally beautiful. It is a more intimate celebration which allows for a more casual or laid-back ambiance in the wedding. Invitations for this theme are mostly designed with floral motifs and soft pastel colors. For the decors, of course, a garden wedding wouldn’t be a garden wedding without the gorgeous flowers which look like they’ve only just been picked. So if you’re planning on a spring or summer date for your special day, you might start thinking about planning a wedding with floor-length bridesmaid dresses and botanical inspired details.

5. Glamorous

Glamorous weddings are those that go all out to add that unforgettable wow factor to guests. Venues usually include ballrooms, art museums, mansions, and even the dining room of a grand estate. With the high ceilings and the chandeliers, high-quality linens, crystal stemware, and elegant centerpieces with candles also add to the luxurious aesthetic that this kind of wedding theme is going for. Those who go for outdoor glamorous set-ups usually use ceiling drapes and a range of chandeliers, lanterns, and colorful lighting to make sure that the venue is well-lit. Common motifs for this wedding theme include white and gold.  So, if you want to go for a wedding that leaves everyone awestruck even you, this is for you!

6. Beach

Undeniably, beach weddings are stunning. With the light of the sun, the sound of the waves, and the sand in your toes, this could easily be the perfect wedding theme for you. Of course you might have to let go of the big princess dress but you’ll get as much fun with the endless possibilities of a beach wedding like a seashell bouquet for your entourage or starfish décor for your reception. You can also play around with your invitations and place them in shells! Most importantly, one of the selling points of this wedding theme is the set of gorgeous pictures you’ll have especially at sunset with you walking down the beach with the love of your life.

7. Modern

Modern weddings are more minimalist. Often, these weddings go for cool colors like blue and green and pair them up with white. Although simplicity is key in designing a wedding like this, you can still put a spin on your hexagon-shaped cake or your geometric centerpiece or your structural backdrop. Recent designs of this wedding theme also include making use of vines of crawling greenery and cream balloons. So, if you want to pull off a wedding that looks so simple yet still manages to pull off a romantic and charming setting, you can go for this wedding theme.

8. Traditional/Classic

Last but definitely not the least, you also can’t go wrong with opting for a traditional white wedding. This classic theme is usually paired with venues like a chapel or a church but outdoor ceremonies are also a top choice with this theme. Traditional weddings focus more on a soft color scheme, a simple but elegant invitation, and yet again, a timeless dress. The set-up is clean and streamlined and there are no distracting decors. Even so, this wedding theme is not dull. It’s just a wedding with tried and tested details that will never go out of style!

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