8 Things You Can DIY for Your Wedding

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Whether you want to save money or add a personal touch to your special day, there are actually several things you can DIY (Do It Yourself!) for your wedding. Creating these crafts for one big event, you’ll need the help of some friends and family and, of course, a sprinkle of creativity. Doing these will not only help you save a few bucks, you’ll also be able to bond with the people close to your heart. However, it’s not always too easy to think of something fun and new to DIY and incorporate in your wedding. That’s where this list will come in handy. Below are some things you can DIY paired with the links to learning each craft step-by-step!

1. Invitations

Wedding invitations can be more personal with handwritten names and addresses. Clearly, you don’t have to write the entire thing but it would be cute if you could feature the best version of your handwriting on the envelopes you send out to your guests. Here is an example of a DIYed wedding invitation from The Sorry Girls on YouTube. Also, don’t forget that you can be as creative as you can about the materials that you use! It’s all about YOUR vision which can take inspiration from Pinterest boards to actual art supply stores. So start taking a look around!

2. Centerpieces

Sometimes, the look you want for your centerpiece is not something that you can just buy off anywhere. It’s something unique you want to create and perhaps that is why you turn to DIY. More than that, there’s also this sense of fulfillment you get when you see your guests appreciating a handicraft centerpiece they’ve never seen in any other wedding except yours! Here are 22 eye-catching and inexpensive DIY Wedding Centerpieces from The Good Stuff.

3. Souvenirs

What else could be more heartwarming than bringing home something the wedded couple personally made! Definitely, your handmade souvenirs will make guests remember what it was like to sit in your ceremony, in that particular blissful moment in celebration of your love. Simply said, DIY-ing your wedding favors make them more special and meaningful as they are items you spent your time on. DIY & Crafts listed 40 Frugal DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want To Take Home starting off with a romantic mixed tape! Cute, right?

4. Decors

Some weddings actually take on the more difficult task of DIY-ing the decors. Most couples do this to save money and a lot of their weddings have certainly already proven that decors don’t need to be expensive in order to look elegant. If you’re into this kind of challenge, there are a lot of things you can do to lessen your expenses but still leave your guests in awe at the beauty of your wedding set-up. Here are 24 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests from HGTV.

5. Arch and Signboards

Aside from the decors, the arch and signboards also add to the ambiance and overall feel of your wedding venue. Given that they’re usually made of wood and assembled just for the wedding, many couples also take on the liberty of creating these themselves. If you choose to DIY this, you’ll definitely get to save on the service costs of having them made and learn some handyman skills of your own! Here is another video from the Sorry Girls showing how to DIY a Wooden Arch and here is a list of 21 Pretty DIY Wedding Signs from The Knot for a little nudge of inspiration.

6. Table Numbers and Place Cards

Another way to personalize your wedding is to DIY the table numbers  and place cards for your reception. This DIY is especially enjoyable if you like doing calligraphy or lettering as you will both get to do your hobby and finish the work needed. However, as seen in this list of 20 DIY Table Numbers & Holders for Weddings, there are many other ways you can create a customized table number like using wood blocks and house numbers.

7. Photo Booth Backdrop

Modern weddings now include a spot where guests can take pictures and immediately get printouts they can take home. But, if you choose not to hire a separate photo booth service, you can also create your own backdrop, get a family member to take pictures of the guests, and later upload the photos yourself! Some tutorials in building a DIY Photo Booth like the one from the blog A Practical Wedding also suggest getting an Instax photo printer or any other instant film camera. As for ideas for the DIY Backdrop, here is a list of 18 DIY Photo Booth Backdrops to Upgrade Your Wedding Reception from Martha Stewart.

8. Bouquet

Last but not the least, if you’re a funky adventurous bride, you can choose to DIY your bouquet! Today, there are literally a thousand possibilities of what a bouquet can be made of and yours is totally up to you. Some have made theirs with shells, buttons, glitters, fake flowers, real flowers, and even lemons. Needless to say, yet again, the decision is yours! Here is a list entitled “11 Ways To Fall In Love With Non-Traditional Bridal Bouquets” from Southern Living to get you inspired.

To end this short list of things you can DIY for a wedding, we’d like to offer you another piece of advice and that is also that you can’t DIY everything! Skip DIY-ing things that are too difficult to handle on your own like your wedding dress. Stick to making the simpler items creative and leave the more complicated tasks to the professionals. It’s tempting to put your hand into everything but there are really some things you can’t do without spending like the food catering for instance. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to switch things up on your special day and make it more of a statement of who you are as a couple. Doing things yourself might be, sometimes, demanding and time-consuming but the experience you’ll have with your partner and your beautiful wedding will make it all worth it.

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