5 Things You Can Do Without in Your Wedding

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It’s no secret that a wedding is anything but cheap. Certainly, to get that dream wedding going, you would have to go through a long list of expenses to cover. This means that you need to set a budget for this and for that and you need to be able to manage the money you can spend for your special day. Because couples have different visions for their wedding, amounts allotted to each portion of the wedding ceremony also differ for them. This is why we also came up with a list of different things you can do without in your wedding because it is up to you what you want to sacrifice to get a bigger fund for something else in your wedding day or to, generally, just save money.

1. Invitations

Today, it is undeniable that most of our communication happens through our phones. We don’t normally communicate through the actual mail anymore because we have our emails for that. We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among many other social media platforms that are popular today. Thus, if sending out printed invitations is not really that important to you, you can create a private event on Facebook and invite your friends there! Facebook now even has this option to allow users to respond if they are going or if they are not sure they are. Consequently, it then also becomes a more efficient and faster way for your guests to RSVP to your wedding.

2. Tokens

Nobody likes to say this but not all guests actually like to bring home your wedding token. Others might just forget about it in the venue, others might just throw it away, while others might just prefer to keep it but later store it in the attic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other guests won’t enjoy them. It just means that it’s one of the things they pay less attention to after they see it for the first time. So, it may not be that worth it to spend a lot of money on tokens. However, if you really want to stick with having tokens you can choose to make them edible if not functional tokens. If these are not the tokens you have in mind, you can choose to do away with them!

3. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Some couples may consider giving each groomsman and bridesmaid a gift customary. However, in the end, it still all just depends on you because it’s your wedding and you get to choose how you want to go about it. So, instead of spending a lot on buying personalized gifts for these people close to your heart, you can choose to write them thank you notes for being there for you. You can get as personal as you want on these letters and, definitely, you’ll be able to get that gratitude across more clearly and, albeit, more touchingly ala handwritten style.

4. The Fancy Stuff

It might be easy to think of the fancy things you want to include in your wedding if you’re not thinking of the budget. But, if you want to save money, you should definitely rethink your decisions especially those that involve renting out that glamorous limousine or that carriage you want to arrive in for instance. We get it. You want to feel like a princess. But spending big time for transportation is not the wisest way to do that nor is it the most practical. You can go for cheaper options like beautifying a family car until it shines like a diamond or renting out something much more economical. Aside from the car you’ll arrive in and leave with, other fancy things you can do without include that new cake cutting set you’re planning on buying. Be honest. You’re only probably going to use that on your wedding and it’s an expense you can skip by asking your caterer to provide such set for you. Lastly, the guest book (that goes unsigned by so many guests by the end of the night) is also something you might want to reconsider having. It may be one of those things you think you need but really don’t.

5. The Unnecessary Decors

In relation to the fancy stuff, it might be high time to also think about the other things you listed on your expense sheet just because they go with. This might include that “Mr. and Mrs.” customized chipboard you wanted to have made for your chairs in the reception because they look cute. Yes, there’s no denying that they would in fact look cute but, then again, it’s something you can do without. You can also choose to cutback your expenses on centerpieces which have a large price tag attached to them. You can definitely go for simpler table decors in exchange for an upgrade in, let’s say, the main course plan. Other decors you can think about cutting or changing are the engraved placeholders and table numbers and even the signboards outside the venue.

No matter what you decide goes and stays in your wedding, always keep in mind that your goal is to, first, make yourself happy and second, your guests. When you find this perfect balance, you’ll also be able to find that perfect combination of the essentials that your wedding can’t do without, the essentials that you really can’t sacrifice, and the essentials that will keep your guests happy. One example of this is actually the choice of having a full bar for your wedding. While some couples debate for the absolute need to pay for an open bar, others bring up the option of the cash bar. However, one aspect that was also brought up in this discussion is how guests might react with having to shell out money of their own on another person’s wedding day. So, all of these are really just things you have to consider when you decide what stays and what goes. What’s really important is that you remember that the decision remains with you not the guests.

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