5 Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer/Videographer

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Most of us expect that when we grow old and look back to the time we got married to the love of our life, we’d want to look at pictures. This anticipation may be one of the reasons why you’re currently overthinking about who to get for the photography and videography of your wedding. You may even be one of those couples who’ve heard how bad your friends’ wedding photos turned out and you’re just in that stage where you’re too anxious to make a decision. But, choosing the right photographer and/or videographer for your special day doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are some factors you can consider in choosing the right (camera) guy! Or girl!

1. Style

Looking at their portfolios, you should be able to tell which photographer’s style matches yours the most. You can base your decision on the wide array of weddings they’ve done before, keeping in mind to choose one whom you think can pull off what you have in mind. It is important that you choose a photographer who can easily capture both your personalities and emotions, your realness, as a couple because that is what you want your pictures to reflect. So, before diving into the portfolios it would really help for you to already be clear with your partner about what you want and, therefore, what you are expecting to see in that portfolio. After choosing, you can also check their websites to make sure that they are consistent in producing quality output and if their editing skills enhance their pictures instead of covering up their poor quality. The same goes for videos.

2. Reviews

Of course, it would really help if your photographer/videographer has good reviews and recommendations. That way, you have an assurance that you are spending your money on something that will really make you happy and satisfied in the end. If you don’t have friends who know the photographer you are eyeing, you can check out online reviews through their Facebook page or even comments on their website. It would be helpful if you figure out a way to contact someone who has been a client before so that you have an outside opinion to consider in making your decision. This will also allow you to spot any red flags before you officially hire the photographer.

3. Experience

Some photographers have been in the wedding business for a long time and can actually offer a perspective you didn’t know you needed. This is very helpful because their experience has given them a lot of insight on how to do things right and as such, they already know the ins and outs of producing something amazing. It would also help if the photographer is familiar with the venue of your wedding or is willing to explore it beforehand to pinpoint the best locations for picture-taking. However, taking experience into consideration doesn’t necessarily mean that a veteran photographer should be your number one choice. You also have to see if they were able to adapt to contemporary styles of photography and can meet your needs as a modern couple. Likewise, a new photographer can also have potential especially in bringing something new to the table. Definitely, this factor in experience is just there to also help you gauge how the photos will turn out and if they will meet your expectations.

4. Compatibility

Although your relationship is professional, working with a photographer is best when you are on the same page. This will be easier if your personalities and attitudes don’t clash and if you share the same vision for your wedding. You don’t want to be arguing with a photographer who wants things done his way instead of listening to what you want as a couple. You don’t also want a moody photographer who’ll send off the wrong vibes during the ceremony. You want a photographer who may be there on your special day because he/she was hired but whose presence is also welcomed and even enjoyed by the guests. This is to ensure that everything goes without a hitch on your wedding and that you hire someone who can deliver what you want down to the last dot.

5. Cost

Definitely, this is something you should consider because you may have found a photographer you like but, unknowingly, you may be paying too much for his/her services. So, in this portion, it is important that you also canvass and take a look at the packages different photographers are offering. This will help you get an idea of what cost is equivalent to what service in the business and to ensure that you don’t get overcharged. Cost is also important because it will help you narrow down the photographers you have in mind to photographers you can actually afford. If you found someone you really like, you can negotiate with that photographer for a lesser price or you might have to cut down your budget on something else if you really want to stick with that photographer. Nevertheless, the cost of the service is something you should not forget to consider especially that some photography services have hidden charges you have to be wary of.

These are basically the five fundamental things you need to consider in choosing a photographer/videographer for your wedding. However, there are still other things you can look into like setting up interviews with your potential photographers so that you get a clearer picture of what they can offer you. You also have to consider the contract you will be signing with them especially if you want to get digital copies of your pictures. This is because some photographers want to keep the rights to the images so you might have to shell off an additional cost if you want to get those raw pictures. Lastly, you should consider the date for when you can claim the pictures because it takes some professionals longer than 4 weeks to post edit them.

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